New National Coalition of Faith Leaders to Raise Awareness of Persecuted Christians Worldwide

Attached you will find the information on the Faith Leaders for America’s effort to create an ecumenical and inter-faith coalition of American Christians and Jews to come together to make a sudden splash to raise awareness across America “all at once” of the persecution of Christians worldwide with the use of simple banners placed where the faithful will not fail to encounter the message. Your support of this initiative is welcomed.

The invitation to pastors and clergy states in part:

We want to invite you to join in a new national coalition of such leaders currently working in this space – and, we hope, many, many more – to advance a shared goal: massively heightening the awareness of our countrymen and women about the plight of persecuted Christians. A model for how this can work is the Save Soviet Jewry campaign of the 1970s, which started out with banners and signage outside synagogues and churches across America and turned into a powerful political movement and catalyst for policy changes that ultimately helped free the USSR’s oppressed Jews and untold millions of others.

In the hope of exposing large numbers of Americans who remain largely unaware about the magnitude of the persecution of Christians globally, we would like to have hundreds of churches and, ideally, other houses of worship, prominently display banners like this outside their facilities:

We invite you to be one of the first faith leaders to participate in this campaign.  If you agree to display the Save the Persecuted Christians banner, we will not only provide you with one gratis.  We will equip you with materials that will enable your congregants to learn how they can help, in addition to praying for those suffering such persecution, by working with Coalition members to have a direct and consequential impact.

Ultimately, however, we believe this campaign – like the Soviet Jewry one before it – can become something considerably more important: a vehicle for policy change here and elsewhere that will actually make a material difference in the lives of those now in grave danger.  Please join us by visiting and registering for your free banner and information kit.

God bless you

Fr Andre Y Sebastian Mahanna