“Give generously to them and do so without a grudging heart; then because of this the LORD your God will bless you in all your work and in everything you put your hand to.”
– Deuteronomy 15:10

The Mission for Hope and Mercy is stepping into a new season. Our vision is to create an epicenter of our mission – a firm and sturdy anchor that enables us to build on the important work of our ministries.

An Oasis of Grace

The Center for Blessings will serve as the physical vessel from which our programs will flow, reaching the many who are in need. At this central location, the Ministry and programs of the Mission of Hope and Mercy will be hosted helping the impoverished and those escaping Christian persecution in Lebanon. The Center for Blessings will be a sanctuary of peace and charity and an outpouring of love for our Christian brothers and sisters. The cornerstone of this vision has been secured through a generous financial investment from The Blake Family Charitable FoundationWe give thanks with humble hearts for this significant gift that has enabled our vision of a Center to bless the people of Lebanon and our Christian brothers and sisters in need.  We invite you to be a part of our vision through the opportunity to invest in the next phase of this transformational project.

The Center will be comprised of four vital Ministries

Foodbank and Food Security Ministry

The Center for Blessings will become the central distribution point for our food and food security ministries as well as house a small restaurant to generate income and jobs. At the center, we will operate our food depot and foodbank, feeding thousands of poor and impoverished Christians as well as refugees from Syria, Iraq, and Iran.

Department of Medicine and Research

The Center for Blessings will give impoverished people access to healthcare and medicines, early interventions, vital treatments, and the hope that thousands of deaths may be prevented.

The center will also host American doctors and nurses specifically focused on chronic and autoimmune diseases to prevent otherwise avoidable causes of death. We are aiming to have a mobile clinic where we can offer dental care, vaccines, medicines, and preventative medical clinics to avoid the onset of chronic illnesses and facilitate early intervention and treatment.

Observatory for the Persecuted Christians and Religious Freedom

It is our mission to defend the right and liberty of religious freedom in Lebanon and freedom from persecution for Christians and to highlight the value of co-existence, freedom of speech, and religious freedom.

The Observatory will serve as a central reporting hub where we will document and verify abuses against Christians and other vulnerable and marginalized peoples. These reports will be communicated to the US Commission on Religious Freedom, and other concerned civil societies, religious and humanitarian institutions, and advocacy groups.

The Cedar Rooms

The Center for Blessings will provide a unique place for visiting friends, donors, investors, doctors, businessmen, clergymen, politicians, and other like-minded individuals to partner with us in our mission. Providing conference, hospitality, and residential facilities, the Cedar Rooms will enable groups to gather together in pursuit of their purposes in a space where they may also learn and experience the Ministry of the Mission of Hope and Mercy.

This facility will also provide a vital commercial income stream for the organization, helping raise funds to invest back into our mission so that we may come to the aid of more Christians and impoverished people in need in a significant and sustainable way.

We Need Your Help

We are incredibly grateful to Mr. and Mrs. Norman and Karen Blake and to The Blake Family Charitable Foundation for their gifts that have enabled us to purchase and equip the Center for Blessings.

We cannot realize our vision for the Center of Blessings without the generous investment of our faithful donors and mission partners. Please give your best gift today. Thank you and God bless you and your family.

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