Like the Good Samaritan, our mission is to save lives from all kinds of persecution, rejection, or neglect and to confirm them in God’s image, the Author of all Goodness.


The Mission of Hope and Mercy provides caring people of good will with the opportunity to donate funds to support Christian families and people in dire need who are suffering from crises including lack of access to food, medication, education and security.

The Mission is fortunate to have received substantial support from many people of good will, whether Catholic, non-Catholic Christian, or non-Christian. This support is given because these individuals are comfortable that their contributions are being used effectively and efficiently for the intended purpose and not squandered on unnecessary expenses.

Since 2015, our Mission has assisted over 75 thousand adults and children. We have achieved this through our annual Food and Medical Aid Programs, Christmas Gift and Meal Campaigns, and Educational Assistance to an entire school with over 250 students, including over 105 Syrian refugee children. We have also completed essential Community Service Projects that have helped large groups of people in need.

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Finally we have been advocates for the Christians in Lebanon, the Middle East, and many other places throughout the world. We have raised the awareness of public officials nationally and internationally in order to secure the rights of Christians everywhere to live freely, to be treated with dignity, and to experience safety and security in their lives, with equal rights, equal protections, and equal opportunities.

My Catholic and Christian faithful, my dear friends of good will, it is good for us to support the many needs of our local churches, which include the  support of religious personnel, the education of new vocations, the building of new facilities, the erection of beautiful shrines, the provisions for retired
religious personnel, the support of our prolife programs, the establishment of new communities and congregations, and the operational costs of our religious establishments, all of which are a major part of our expression of faith. I would also like to give you the unique opportunity to help, during this Holy Week and at Easter, Christian families in the war zones in Lebanon who are under major economic distress, simply trying to survive many tribulations and sometimes corruption itself. The little we do on earth will echo tremendously in the Kingdom of God, in Heaven and in the hearts of the persecuted, the distressed, the hated, and the marginalized. Indeed, our Lord Jesus Christ calls us to perform these authentic works of mercy.


  • $200,000 for FOOD
    – to deliver food boxes to 4,500 families across Lebanon
    – to provide food boxes each week for families to pick up from the Center for Blessings
    – to secure and store food supplies for 1000 families in case of war or natural disaster

  • $100,000 for MEDICINE
    o to help cover surgeries and chronic illness and cancer medications for up to 25
    o to establish an urgent medical relief fund in case of war or natural disaster

  • $200,000 for EDUCATION
    o To assist Holy Family School for another year
    o To adopt a second school for a year
    o To provide support for individual students in need, divided between primary,
    secondary, and undergraduate students

  • $50,000 for ADVOCACY
    o To support the air time each week for two radio shows on KNUS and KLZ
    o To provide for advocacy events and activities at the Center for Blessings in Lebanon

    o To provide aid for various community needs as they arise

    o To enable the Center for Blessings to function as the site for the Mission’s charity and advocacy in Lebanon
    o To provide infrastructure support for aid and advocacy programs

Your continued support is crucial in ensuring that we can fulfill our mission and reach out to those in need. Together, we can make a tangible difference in the lives of individuals and communities facing hardship and adversity.

We humbly request your generous donations to enable us to carry out these vital initiatives and provide assistance to those who rely on our support. Your contributions will directly impact the lives of those most in need and bring hope to those facing challenges beyond their control.

Thank you for your ongoing support and partnership in our mission of compassion and mercy.

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