Help Beirut

Our brothers and sisters in Lebanon need your assistance and help more than ever.

Hospitals are overrun, a major part of Beirut has been destroyed and tens-of-thousands of Lebanese families are unsure what the coming days and weeks will bring.

The Mission of Hope and Mercy asks for your help to reach those who are most affected by the tragedy in Beirut.

An Urgent Appeal From Fr. Andre Mahanna

Help Us Now In Our “Beirut Food-Medical-Housing And Other Emergencies Relief Efforts”

Some Lebanese locals stated, “In the midst of this evil, the Sea of Lebanon took most of the power of the explosion into the water.” Blessed by Jesus and his Holy Apostles, by Saint George and many of the saints. Otherwise the damage would have been indescribable and more apocalyptic. Merciful God help us, Our Lady of Lebanon pray for us.

Bring Joy to the Hearts of our Christian Brothers and Sisters in the Middle East this Christmas

The Apostolate of Our Lady of Hope/St. Rafka Mission of Hope and Mercy is holding its annual Christmas Food and Gift Drive from December 15, 2019 to January 6, 2020.

With Your Help, We Will Be Able To Provide:

Christmas Dinner For Up To 4500 Refugee Families
Christmas Gifts For Up To 2500 Refugee Children

The Magnitude

Christianity is the world’s most oppressed faith community.
Anti-Christian persecution has reached a new peak.
Every five minutes a Christian is martyred.
215 million Christians experience persecution.
The exodus of Christians from the Middle East has been very severe.

Pope Francis: The Telegraph November 19, 2016

“We should ask for the grace to weep for this world, which does not recognize the path to peace.”

Why Hope and Mercy

Save Christianity… Save The World

As individuals and as a nation, we are called to hear the cries of the persecuted; to bring hope and to show mercy. GOD IS BEING SILENCED… because powerful nations are ignoring HIS DIVINE WILL… and the cries of the poor.

Our Mission in Action

Would you be willing to donate $50 to help preserve Christianity at its roots where it all began?
With your support, we can continue our work to assist the persecuted and defend religious liberty.
Christianity in the Middle East is facing genocide, extinction and annihilation. Stop this by being an apostle of hope and mercy.

Mission of Hope and Mercy


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