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The Beirut Explosion

It is now called: “BeiruShima”- recalling the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear bombings on Aug 6 and Aug 9, 1945.

The “Al Ghad” newspaper, quoted Jordanian seismologists, “the Jordanian Seismological Observatory at the kingdom’s Natural Resources Authority registered the Beirut port blast, who seismological activity was equivalent to a 4.5 magnitude earthquake on the Richter scale.”

The mushroom cloud that erupted after the bombing had an eerie red and orange hue. Reports indicated that this is common with nitrate linked explosions. The latest reports indicate that the source of the blast may have come from an impounded cargo ship containing ammonium nitrate. The ship and her cargo have lingered in courts, while Hezbollah has continued to retain control of the impounded cargo.

Some Lebanese locals stated, “In the midst of this evil, the Sea of Lebanon took most of the power of the explosion into the water.” Blessed by Jesus and his Holy Apostles, by Saint George and many of the saints. Otherwise the damage would have been indescribable and more apocalyptic. Merciful God help us, Our Lady of Lebanon pray for us.

The major hospitals in Beirut got hit hard. The “Room Hospital”, the “Rosary Hospital”, the “Jeetawi Hospital”, the “Rizk Hospital”, the “Hotel Dieu Hospital” have been reported to have suffered major damage or completely dismantled– not capable of operating (no electricity) and using flashlights to conduct operations. Many hospital staff were also injured in the blast. Still the need is great– they were found at full capacity and overflowing with injured people shortly moments after the explosion.

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Remember that the “American Hospital of Beirut” which is considered to be the medical pride of Lebanon? It is basically incapable of functioning since it fired 850 employees and medical teams on a few weeks ago. The hospital is in West Beirut, and was largely unaffected. Is this a strange circumstance?

According to local news “Hizbollah” members closed the port area down (warehouse and the pier where the cargo and ship are located). The Lebanese Government was not able to go down to the port to investigate or measure the level of destruction and fatalities.

Most of the Lebanese seaport custom members and the Fire Department members of the seaport are missing.

The airport of Beirut, miles away, has also been damaged.

It is a human, cultural, agricultural, religious and environmental massacre. The Lebanon Health Ministry reported late Tuesday AT LEAST 70 dead and 4,000 wounded. Many are missing and may never be located.

It took the entire center of Beirut, all the East Beirut, all the Seaport of Beirut, Ashrafieh, Jemmaizeh, all the hospitals, churches, mosques, the airport, the malls hundreds of houses and cars. It took place during “rush hour traffic, placing people in a vulnerable position to absorb the flying glass reported across the city.

The explosion was heard and felt in Cyprus and Greece. The radius of the explosion was at least 15 square miles.

Reports vary widely about the amount of ammonium nitrate that may have exploded (some saying just over 50 tons and some sayings as much as 2700 tones).

God help grant us the knowledge to anticipate what Lebanon will wake up to tomorrow and what their needs may be.

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God Bless Us All. May God console the hearts of all those who lost their loved ones. May God grant rest to all the innocent victims.

May God help the people of Beirut and the people of Lebanon to recover and find peace. May God give peace to the entire world.

May God defeat all evil and end this cycle of terror. God is in control and will prevail.

Fr Andre Mahanna
Founding President
And the Team of the
Apostolate of our Lady of Hope/St. Rafka Mission of Hope and Mercy[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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