Yara Luna Azzi

Awards & Achievements

Yara Luna Azzi

Manager of Volunteers

Who I Am

My name is Yara Luna Azzi a marketing and business management graduate.

I’m a unit manager at Bankers’ Assurance SAL

I recruit and retain a team of sales consultants; 

I implement training programs to support skill development and competence and I implement tools and systems to manage time and activities and desired results.

I manage my unit goals and help them to reach their and to be successful businesspeople.

I have strong negotiation skills and I’m able to communicate and organize meetings and activities for the unit.

I have leadership ability and sales skills.

I’m able to handle and resolve conflicts.

What I Do

I’m currently assisting the mission as the manager of volunteers. I identify, recruit and train volunteers to serve in positions and assist with activities based on their unique skills and talents. I also assist the CEO of the Mission of Hope and Mercy and help manage the Center for Blessings and all events and programs. I conduct office work and compare prices for all quotes on materials and items before orders are placed.  My goal is to make sure that all activities at the Center are organized well and run smoothly and efficiently.