Ralph Abou Rjeily

Awards & Achievements

Robin Abou Rjeily

Business Developer

Who I Am

I am Robin Abou Rjeily, a finance and business management graduate with experience in managing food and beverage trucks at major events. I also have a background in hotel administration, specifically in front desk operations and guest relations. Currently, I serve as a Business Developer for a food truck chain, leading a significant project for this summer.

What I Do

I am actively contributing to the mission by supervising contractors and subcontractors to finish phase one of the Center For Blessings. I maintain the schedule for all the subcontractors and deliveries from the various suppliers who come to the Center. I also work as the assistant to the CEO of the Mission of Hope and Mercy and take care of all appointments, business schedules, events, and programs. I conduct also the office work and compare prices for all proposed quotes on any material and supplies before they get ordered to the Center. I supervise and manage the Center Schedule and take care of the various property needs. Additionally, I am assisting in the management of the Center and of Fr Andre’s daily activities to make sure it is organized in order to serve the charity and awareness activities that Fr. Intends to do on daily bases.