Result of 2021 Campaign


Christmas a year ago, we appealed to you to ‘Feed a Family, Save a Nation’. The goal was to feed 2,175 families for which we aimed to raise $150,000 USD.

My apologies! I underestimated your generosity and concern for the persecuted Christians and your obedience to the spirit of the Lord.

Up to November 2021, instead of 2,175 families we have been able to feed over 6,800      families. That is over 3 times the number we aimed toward. God has blessed the works    of your hands.

For here is the miracle God enabled through your hands:

-He blessed us with 3 fold – for we fed three times the number of families as you can see. Here are some statistics:

-38,600 individuals have been able to eat and not go to bed hungry.

-Over 177 tons of food were distributed. That is 355,740 pounds, a 55lb box of food for 6,800 families with 30 food items per box!

-2,452 medications were provided to patients in dire need, including family providers, children, homeless, the elderly and the weak.

-Most importantly, children in America who are praying for children in Lebanon and watching this video, I bring good news! At this Christmas, like every year before, 1,500 children from Iraq, Syria and Lebanon will receive a beautiful, big Christmas gift and food. Take that, Grinch!

That, and much more was accomplished through your generosity.

This Christmas, the Mission of Hope & Mercy is asking your help in order to raise $300,000. This is the goal we set for our Christmas & New Year outreach.

Here is how your dollars will be transformed into Christian aid at this Christmas:

At this Christmas, 3,500 food boxes will be used to feed 24,000 individuals.

At this Christmas, 1,500 children will receive a good Christmas gift along with food reception for them and their families.

At this Christmas, 170 children will have milk provided for them for an entire month’s supply.

At this Christmas, a Catholic school where 220 students from all religious backgrounds, 20  teachers including 2 nuns will have their school operation fully funded for the entire school year.

At this Christmas,  we will provide 17 patients with 141 different medications and they will receive supplies on a monthly basis and we will perform a child’s eye surgery to save their vision. In 2022 we will be providing 1,452 medications.

At this Christmas, we will provide full sponsorship for 9 families who are in urgent need. These families will receive assistance for a full year in the form of: medication, house rent, home & kitchen appliances, education & most importantly, food.

At this Christmas, we will provide food & clothing for 2 orphanages along with the Christmas gifts for every orphan for a total of 110 orphans.

At this Christmas, we will supply in food boxes to a local Catholic TV program where on a weekly basis 20 food boxes are needed by families. In 2022 we are supplying the program with 560 food boxes.

At this Christmas, a local rehabilitation center for drug addicts & prevention programs will receive 200 food boxes & supplies.

And at this Christmas, reminding us of the sheep and the shepherds around the manger of Bethlehem 200 sheep will receive animal feed from the Mission f Hope & mercy for an entire year.

Gerard Abiassaf