Christmas Campaign Letter

Dear Friends, Donors, Benefactors, Volunteers, & Brothers & Sisters in Christ,

We would love your support in our campaign to spread Charity, Awareness, and Religious Liberty in the name of Jesus Christ.

As you may know, The Mission of Hope Mercy is a non-for profit organization focused on three areas:

1) Providing Charity & Food

This is done through our program ‘Feed a Family, Save a Nation’, where we provide the essentials for Christian families in need around the world. The Goal is to Feed, Educate, Clothe, House, Treat, and Heal 10,000+ families every year in Lebanon & around the world.

2) Spread Awareness of Christianity through Education Programs

This is done by educating all levels of Christians, Readers, and those in Business & Civil society on the importance of Christianity, Christian Unity, the Culture of Life, and the Persecuted Church. The Goal is to ensure the dignity, livelihood, and safety of the Christian family.

3) To Defend Religious Liberty

We at the Mission of Hope & Mercy are standing up to ensure equal rights and equal protection for the persecuted Christians around the world and especially for the Christians in the United States of America. The Goal is to educate and teach others how to defend, preserve, protect, and pass down the principles of Christianity through the foundation of the Bible and the United States Constitution.

Now, we are inviting you to join us in our Christmas and end of year fundraiser to raise an additional $300,000 aimed to save Christian families at Home & Abroad from the tide of religious persecution, slavery, pandemics, abuse and infringements of our rights. We are also focused on optimizing the joy, generosity, and kindness of the Christmas spirit by sharing with those at home and abroad for the love of God & the neighbor. Looking at the acceleration of violence, health threats, threats against freedom, and evil in the world against our faith and human life in general – it is of the utmost importance that you consider joining us in this life saving Christmas and end of year campaign. Consequently, this campaign resembles the Ark of Noah as it aims to save people from famine and death.

This Ark represents the embodiment of our goal to create the largest movement of solidarity between Christians around the world and to shield our families, communities, and churches from global hate. Our focus in America is to reconfirm that the Christian Hope is the foundation of this nation and is the foundation of all peace and freedom in this world. We’ve always said, “Save America, as one nation under God, and it saves the world.”

The Ark will become a source of strength for all Christians who are being denied healthcare, jobs, protection, travel, and the right to worship.

Together, we shall protect the integrity and safety of our families, faith, bodies, minds, spirits, our civil and human rights, and the Christian foundation of this nation.

As an average since our founding, we have successfully managed to utilize over 90 cents of every dollar donated to The Mission of Hope & Mercy on these principles to serve these programs.

This campaign is about your safety and the preservation of Christianity and we are your stewards. It is existentially important to support this campaign.  Please share our Mission with your friends and family to help us achieve our goal.

Here’s how you can help support, here’s how you can help:

-Help us build the foundation of this campaign by becoming a monthly donor for $50/mo or more


-In the spirit of Thanksgiving & Christmas, please make a large one time donation for us to launch this campaign.

-Share this campaign with others to help us reach 22,000+ US Donors for $50/month for the next 3 years.

You can make a monthly or one-time donation easily by:

1) Scanning the QR code by using your phone’s camera app and clicking the website that loads when
focused on the QR code’s pattern. You can then make a one time or recurring donation online.

2) By visiting our website:

3) By filling out the donation form we’ve included in the pledge card and mailing it back to us (address below)

4) By mailing your donation directly to: Mission of Hope and Mercy
Located at:  2459 South Chase Lane, Lakewood, CO 80227

Because of your commitment, the Mission of Hope and Mercy will now become an Ark and remain a beacon of light and salvation for all those who are seeking faith, family, freedom, security, and life in Christ and to share his light with the world.


God Bless You,

Father Andre Mahanna

Fr. Andre Y-Sebastian Mahanna, S.T.L;S.L.L.

As a Recurring Donor, please feel free to contact me personally at:
President & Chair                                                                                   
The Mission of Hope & Mercy is a 501(c)(3) organization. Your contribution is tax deductible to the extend allowed by law. No goods or services were provided in exchange for your generous financial donations. You should consult a tax professional as to the deductibility of these items.

Gerard Abiassaf