2021 Christmas Campaign Video Script

Hi, this is Father Andre Mahanna, the founder of The Mission of Hope & Mercy and currently the host of ‘Good Sunday Morning on KNUS 710 AM’.

Thank you for allowing me to safely enter your home and share with you our Christmas and New Year outreach.

IN THIS SHORT VIDEO, I will be sharing with you the Mission’s concrete acts of responsible and trustworthy Christian kindness that we do on your behalf.

The good work of the Mission of Hope & Mercy has been going on for the last 7 years  because of people like you- believers and followers of Jesus Christ, who not only hear the word of God, but obey it. Blessed are you at this Christmas.


We have 3 focuses:

1) Providing Charity through food, medicine, education & housing. And this is what we call Aid.

2) Spreading Awareness about the Truth & Hope of Jesus Christ in this critical time. And this is what we call Educate.

3) Defending Religious Liberty at home and abroad. And this is what we call Save.”


Christmas a year ago, we appealed to you to ‘Feed a Family, Save a Nation’. The goal was to feed 2,175 families for which we aimed to raise $150,000 USD.

My apologies! I underestimated your generosity and concern for the persecuted Christians and your obedience to the spirit of the Lord.

Santa was extremely good…You are Santa, and you definitely did not allow the Grinch to steal Christmas from the persecuted Christians in Lebanon and elsewhere.

LET ME GIVE YOU SOME CONTEXT on the situation before I give you some facts on how your money has helped transform the Mission of Hope & Mercy into a true messenger of great joy and good tidings to the thousands of deprived brothers and sisters in Christ.

The need is great. Nobody ever thought that over 80% of Lebanon’s population would be underneath the poverty line.

  • Lebanon, a country of 4 million, is the host of 1 and1/2 million Syrian refugees to date.
  • Lebanon is under severe economic sanctions that have crippled any imports and exports through the country. As a consequence, the environment, the human life & the animal life has been subjected to real starvation.
  • In addition, due to the corruption of Lebanese politicians  the Lebanese people’s individual bank accounts have been seized and confiscated. Family providers and individual account holders can no longer withdraw money from their bank, and if they can, not when they need it, nor for the amount desired.
  • At this Christmas, the monthly average salary of a working person in Lebanon is equal to the value of an average child’s Christmas gift here at home which is $25-50 a month. This is the salary of a Lebanese family provider now.
  • Medicine has been confiscated and has disappeared from the pharmacies.
  • The silo of grain has been wiped out because of the Beirut explosion of August 4th over a year ago.
  • Milk for babies and formulas for toddlers have been taken off the shelves and are not available.
  • Gas has stopped being delivered to gas stations.
  • And now, at this Christmas while we in America have the ability to spend millions of dollars on Christmas lights, back in the Middle East, in Lebanon the county of the “Cedars of God” in the Bible, in the heart of the region where Christianity all began, our brothers and sisters live in total darkness without electricity.

With Lebanon falling, the last stronghold of Christianity in the Middle East will fall. The risk on the Christian community, in its faith and values and the gospel of love and peace of Jesus Christ is also at risk and we are responsible to save it.  And this is the sad reality, please allow me to make a comical wish: Let’s not let the Grinch steal the spirit of Christmas and Christianity from Lebanon and the Middle East.


I know this context is depressing, this is why I will tell you now about the uplifting facts of Hope & Mercy that brought the light of God in the midst of the people who are sieged in darkness and how you were the light of their lives.

-Up to November 2021, instead of 2,175 families we have been able to feed over 6,800     families. That is over 3 times the number we aimed toward. God has blessed the works     of your hands.

For here is the miracle God enabled through your hands:

-He blessed us with 3 fold – for we fed three times the number of families as you can see. Here are some statistics:

-38,600 individuals have been able to eat and not go to bed hungry.

-Over 177 tons of food were distributed. That is 355,740 pounds, a 55lb box of food for 6,800 families with 30 food items per box!

-2,452 medications were provided to patients in dire need, including family providers, children, homeless, the elderly and the weak.

-Most importantly, children in America who are praying for children in Lebanon and watching this video, I bring good news! At this Christmas, like every year before, 1,500 children from Iraq, Syria and Lebanon will receive a beautiful, big Christmas gift and food. Take that, Grinch!

That, and much more was accomplished through your generosity.

This Christmas, the Mission of Hope & Mercy is asking your help in order to raise $300,000. This is the goal we set for our Christmas & New Year outreach.

Here is how your dollars will be transformed into Christian aid at this Christmas:

At this Christmas, 3,500 food boxes will be used to feed 24,000 individuals.

At this Christmas, 1,500 children will receive a good Christmas gift along with food reception for them and their families.

At this Christmas, 170 children will have milk provided for them for an entire month’s supply.

At this Christmas, a Catholic school where 220 students from all religious backgrounds, 20  teachers including 2 nuns will have their school operation fully funded for the entire school year.

At this Christmas,  we will provide 17 patients with 141 different medications and they will receive supplies on a monthly basis and we will perform a child’s eye surgery to save their vision. In 2022 we will be providing 1,452 medications.

At this Christmas, we will provide full sponsorship for 9 families who are in urgent need. These families will receive assistance for a full year in the form of: medication, house rent, home & kitchen appliances, education & most importantly, food.

At this Christmas, we will provide food & clothing for 2 orphanages along with the Christmas gifts for every orphan for a total of 110 orphans.

At this Christmas, we will supply in food boxes to a local Catholic TV program where on a weekly basis 20 food boxes are needed by families. In 2022 we are supplying the program with 560 food boxes.

At this Christmas, a local rehabilitation center for drug addicts & prevention programs will receive 200 food boxes & supplies.

And at this Christmas, reminding us of the sheep and the shepherds around the manger of Bethlehem 200 sheep will receive animal feed from the Mission f Hope & mercy for an entire year.

To see a detailed Impact Report of the “Feed a family, Save a Nation,” 2021 campaign’s achievements, please visit our landing page that was specially made: ‘themohm.org‘ Again that is, themohm.org as seen on your screen.

Yes, over 400 volunteers and professional people of 25 institutions, reaching over 80 towns and villages have worked diligently during the day and by candlelight, freely assuming major personal risks to make sure your money is delivered to support food, faith and freedom to every person in need.

While here in America, I was under tremendous persecution, yet united together we stand.

This is Father Andre. I come to you, once more, in the Spirit of the Lord, who said “I was hungry and you fed me” just as I have for the last 7 years, I humbly ask for your help. I beg you to be the heroes of Hope and Mercy by joining our family of donors.

From your hands to their hands, with just $50 a month repeated donation help us build the largest solidarity network of CHARITY, AWARENESS, & RELIGIOUS FREEDOM. We invite you to get in our C.A.R.


You know Jesus was born in a manger, yet when I was a child, to run from war and persecution and massacres, my parents like many other families, they moved us to live in a cave for months during the war in Lebanon. Yet I too have a dream: For you to become 1 of 22 thousand monthly donors for $50 a month. That is 1 thousand donors for each century since Christ’s holy birth).


This is how we will bless this upcoming year 2022 so that God will save us all from pandemics and from all that could hurt this Nation and our bodies and our souls. This is my dream, let it become yours as well.





1) Become a recurring donor and sign up to our email list by visiting our website’s landing page themohm.org/donate/ which you see on your screen. Welcome to the family of the Mission of Hope & Mercy and thank you.


2) Please share this video on all of your social media networks, with your friends, family and community.


3) People at home who have received the Package Form of our Christmas and the New Year outreach from our Mission, please read the instructions.  You may copy and share them with friends and neighbors and don’t forget to fill out the donation form, put it in the return envelope and mail it back to us at the address listed on the screen.


In summary, here’s what you can do again:






Well, my visit with you is coming to a sweet end. I want to be the first one to wish you a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. On behalf of us all at the Mission of Hope & Mercy and of these, the least of the brothers and sisters of Jesus Christ, thank you for your help and for allowing me in.


Thank you for watching this video. This was our Christmas and New Year outreach to you.


Take action now and join us to save Christian families at home & abroad from the global tide of religious persecution, slavery, pandemics, abuse and infringements of God’s given rights.


My prayer for you is the Angels’ proclamation to the shepherds of Bethlehem on the night when Christ was born which became the hymn through which Heaven optimized the joy of all the peoples of the Earth by announcing the Birth of Jesus Christ who saved all creation from satan, death, darkness and sin.


With Him, the Prince of Peace, the Immanuel, the most Holy Name, Jesus Christ, the Savior of the World, the Son of Mary in the flesh, and the Son of God from all eternity I greet you at this Christmas: Glory to God in the Highest, and Peace on Earth and Good Hope to All.

God Bless Us, God Bless America & Merry Christmas.


Gerard Abiassaf